Maybe Magazine provides a subversive take on youth and pop culture. The article "We (Still) Love Pop" analyzes the history of pop music and its power to appeal to the masses and the individual simultaneously
The bright blue color used throughout the article represents the sunny aspect of pop music, like the blue sky on a clear day, as well as how research shows that pop music has become sadder over the years.
The article emphasizes the personalized effect of pop music; therefore, the photography's art direction emphasizes the personal and inner world of the individual. 

Thumbnails for brainstorming the layout of the magazine's cover.

On-screen wireframes of the magazine's cover

Testing a variety of images and layouts

On-screen wireframes of article layout over five spreads

The typeface Final Six, used for the title, headlines, pull quotes, and excerpts, is not a typical san-serif. It has friendly rounded, nuanced characters, such as the "W" and the "R," which pair well with pop music's approachable nature.
The final article spread

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