My instant coffee packaging is a contemporary take on Greek mythology's Psyche and her trials in love.

Instant coffee sticks

I explored multiple on-screen layouts before deciding on the final design.

Final dieline

The logos and iconography are based on the typeface LoRes 9 Minus OT. The supporting san-serif typeface Elza provides a refreshing contrast to LosRes and reinforces the visual identity's contemporary aesthetic.

Each flavor is connected to a trial reminiscent of Psyche's trials and re-enacted through the online video game. 

The butterfly logo references how Psyche is often depicted with butterfly wings. 
L&S's instant coffee packaging includes an accordion booklet insert. This insert provides background information about Love & Suffering and the trial associated with each flavor. 
L&S instant coffee packaging has a minimal color palette; this allows the colors of each flavor to be easily distinguishable.
The booklet insert includes a complimentary Love & Suffering sticker set.


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